BK Foundation, the largest partnership Bithumb MOU with SPLabs, Startup Blockchain Investment and Consulting Company

According to a press release shared December 27, 2021, BK Foundation, the largest partnership of BTC Holding Company, the parent company of leading South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has signed a Business Agreement MOU with the Blockchain Startup Investment and Consulting Company SPLabs to support and promote technology development and projects being carried out by the two companies.

The strategic agreements of the two companies mainly focus on the two companies consulting and supporting each other in developing exchange services, NFT, Metaverse, etc.

BK Foundation Co., Ltd. is a company providing software technology in foreign countries. By connecting professionals and companies, BK Foundation helps businesses innovate using digital technology.

BK Foundation attracted the attention of the Korean cryptocurrency market when it suddenly announced that the group had signed a contract to buy back 50% of BTC Holding Company, the big company of exchange Bithumb in Korea, with a total value of 400 billion Won in October 2018.

Just one month after the announcement of the share buyback agreement, BXA, a subsidiary of the BK Foundation, continued its growth strategy with the BXA ICO on Bithumb completed in January 2019. By February 2019, BXA continued to be listed on six overseas exchanges, including Allcoin and BitMax.io. In addition, the company is developing a system with e-commerce companies so that people can make purchases with BXA tokens without the need for a special device. Although facing some difficulties when Korea issued a new effect to apply to the field of cryptocurrencies, BK Foundation is still a formidable “big player” in the Korean blockchain market.

SPLabs is a company based in Southeast Asia and Vietnam that develops and operates SPexchange, SPwallet and NFT. SPLabs provides a platform based on blockchain technology abroad, supporting connecting, investing and empowering young potential startups, and viable blockchain community, financial projects with diverse goals and develop the ecosystem, propel the blockchain technology industry towards a decentralized and sustainable financial world.

Currently, SPLabs is focusing fully on the launch of the Play-to-Earn 3D NFT Metaverse game titled Infinity Angel through a partnership with a famous game company in Korea.

In this signing cooperation, SPLabs representative shared:

“We are honored to be a partner of a leading Korean blockchain corporation. With this agreement we will cooperate to jointly build and develop existing projects. We look forward to providing the opportunity to further enhance our competitiveness and position in the global market, and hope that this cooperation will help BK Foundation achieve its goal of becoming a Southeast Asian unicorn. ”

“In this cooperation, with support from BK Foundation, Infinity Angel has received a positive response from investors as well as expectations from the global gaming community. This is a project we are extremely passionate, we hope to create a huge boom in the growing billion USD NFT gaming market.”

Mr. Minwoo Kim, CEO of BK Foundation shared:

“In the current thousands of options, we have researched and selected very carefully before making the final choice, which is SPLabs. We appreciate SPLabs’ understanding, operational experience as well as quick grasp of digital asset market trends. Hopefully, through this cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the projects and technologies they are both working on.”





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